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So, Now What?

No matter how you look at it, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone on the planet. I know it may sound dramatic, but the evidence is clear. Whether by the direct effects of the virus, or the indirect impacts of efforts to minimize the spread, we’ve all had to make changes to our daily lives because of COVID-19. Those impacts have been significantly felt by small businesses across the country including service businesses like photography studios.

With restrictions on both business and social interactions, as well as the risks of the virus itself, customers have understandably been wary of moving forward with photo sessions and projects. While this has been challenging for many photographers, myself included, we do understand the gravity of the circumstances we are facing and are confident that we will all move beyond this crisis together.

So inevitably the question becomes, “what now?” We are obviously transitioning into a ‘new normal’ that impacts our daily lives, so how do press forward and achieve the goals we had prior to the pandemic? Fortunately, the guidance we’ve had from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have shown to not only be effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19, but also in helping all of us get closer to our new normal.

By following CDC guidelines on social distancing, wearing face coverings, and limiting gathering sizes, photographers can get back to working with clients on photo projects of varying sizes. Even still, we must all be cognizant that we are still in an environment where a highly contagious disease is among us.

For my part, I will be following CDC guidelines as well as best practices within the photographic community. That way I will be able to continue working with wonderful clients and producing amazing images as we all emerge from this global crisis. In an upcoming blog, I will be outlining the steps that I now take in approaching photo shoots to protect my clients as well as myself.

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Tim is the photographer behind Timothy Horn Photography in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his years of photographing people, events, travel and other subjects, he also has an extensive background in technology and computer engineering. If there is a rare time when he isn't holding a camera, he's most likely paddling a water craft.