about us

I feel it is the heart, not the eye, that should determine the content of the photograph. What the eye sees is its own. What the heart can perceive is a very different matter.

-- Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks

I capture portraits, lifestyles, and artistically document events from family gatherings to corporate events. Photography is not just a passion for me, but an extension of who I am. It is a part of me that I joyfully share with others. I try to capture images that reflect the feelings and mood of my subjects. The process in doing so is as much deliberate as it is organic, and working with people to bring such images to life is truly my happy place.

I have worked with many clients across the country on various projects, both private and commercial. I have also had the honor of exhibiting my work in a number of solo galllery shows here in the Portland area. Photography is very personal to me, as is my desire to grow my work as well as that of other photographers. I am a board member and officer of the Oregon chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) as well as a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Additionally, I am a member of the Inner Light Photographic Society, with whom I have participated in a number of group shows.

Based in Portland, Oregon and the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I enjoy the vast array of natural surroundings and urban landscapes to capture lasting images for my clients. I am constantly looking to work with clients on new personal and commercial projects, so I invite you to visit my site often and consider me for your next project!