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Just Do It!

Keeping my thoughts brief and to the point. Every two and four years we have a process in this country by which the people, individually and collectively, make their voices heard on not just who, but how they want this country to be governed, setting the stage for the direction in which this country, as a whole is headed. This is one of those years.

I'm not going to get political... but I going to be, briefly, civic-minded. No matter what your political ideologies are, it is of utmost important that you (1) register to vote, (2) cast your vote and, (3) verify that your vote has been counted. Please understand the significance and importance of your participation in the electoral process by this one idea: of all of the nations on the face of the earth, this country has the largest accessible means of direct, individual participation in the election process for it's citizens. It is a constitutional RIGHT, one which millions of others in countless other countries would be willing to risk their lives to have.

So please, don't take this election lightly. It is serious business, and one which truly needs everyone's participation. It doesn't take much, just a little bit of your time. So get out there and register and vote and actively be a part of determining where we are all headed, together.

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Tim is the photographer behind Timothy Horn Photography in Portland, Oregon. In addition to his years of photographing people, events, travel and other subjects, he also has an extensive background in technology and computer engineering. If there is a rare time when he isn't holding a camera, he's most likely paddling a water craft.